A* Episode 30, Page 97

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  Archive art auction--human-dragon flight!Feb 23, 2017 12:45 AM PST | url | discuss | + share
Added 1 new A* page:Wednesday means A* art archive sale auction time! I went flipping back through all the physical pages I still have left unsold from the past two episodes, to see if any impressed me in person as being ones you guys might particularly like—before we go delving back further into the remote depths of A*'s artwork past—and I came up with just three remaining candidates! Two are from this episode, but we just did one from this episode (page 20), so let's jump back to the fantasy theme of episode 29 for this week—page 72 of that episode, to be specific—for this watercolor painting of robo-dragon battle action, now up for auction on eBay at a special low price! This is the moment where the giant robo-dragon really seemed to seize the upper wing:
We've got a sweeping desert scene with towering cliffs! A roiling cloud of smoke, partially obscuring a distant mountain range! A dragon flexing its mighty wings, counterbalanced by its twisting tail! An electrically charged longsword tumbling through the air (above the tail)! And a cloak-enveloped adventurer (that would be Selenis : ) flying backwards through the air from the force of the powerful blow! Own the action! : D
(You can keep up with my little original art sales by keeping tabs on my ebay profile. : )
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