A* Episode 25, Page 13

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  The plain stuff is the hard stuff?Mar 03, 2015 10:48 PM PST | url | discuss | + share
Added 1 new A* page:I always get a bit nervous when drawing a page that doesn't have Selenis in it. : o So I figured I might as well just take the opportunity of today's no-Selenis page to experiment a bit, and not too surprisingly I suppose I ended up laying the watercolor and white ink on pretty thick. Although one thing with that is that you can then wash/scrape some of it off and get sort of neat faded looks, like the shaded area on Thierry's shoulder there. In the end I struggled to paint the tiny-person-in-the-middle layout I gave myself in a way that would be striking; it was supposed to be a calm, subdued panel, but I seem to get antsy trying to paint such understated things. : P
Tomorrow's page won't have Selenis *or* Thierry in it! Or any visible person, for that matter. Hm what to do, what to do...
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