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  A little birdie to bid onJan 19, 2017 3:04 AM PST | url | discuss | + share
Added 1 new A* page:Today having been Wednesday, I ought to be picking a favorite painting made for an A* page of episodes gone by and putting it up for sale on eBay at a special low price—and thank you *very much* to the folks who've been bidding on all of them so far!—but I spent entirely too much time twiddling away on today's A* page, and I need to get to bed ASAP so I can get back up and start to work on the next day's page, which is already gonna be behind schedule. ; ) Yeah yeah, the daily grind, boo-hoo! : D So anyway I don't have a new archive auction for you today, but I *do* have, among the auctions for the newest A* paintings from the latest week of new pages, a little painting of a bird that I made on Christmas day:
That auction wraps up on Saturday! And if that one doesn't do it for you, do check out the original A* artwork I'm selling through my eBay profile—bidding starts at just $12.99 for these watercolor paintings. : )
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