A* Episode 31, Page 63

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  If you see me cartooning I probably rushed itJun 22, 2017 8:57 PM PDT | url | discuss | + share
Added 1 new A* page:The page 62 I posted yesterday was actually my second attempt; the first version had come out in a more cartoony style:
The cartoonishness ended up annoying me so much that I just had to start over from scratch, even though it was pretty late in the day by that time—so I had to hurry, but fortunately the layout I wanted to go with—which had actually been my initial idea—was fairly simple (cheating on one eye helped :"P).
In my attempts at realistic artwork, less is usually more, so hopefully this will serve as a lesson to me to put in the up-front time of figuring out how to boil a scene down to its essential elements, rather than indulging my drawing hand in its love of easy loops, exaggerated lines, and frivolous, often downright silly details! ; )
(And having thought about it later, maybe part of what annoyed me about it was that the original version was quite similar to an encounter Selenis had with a large individual back in episode 16; also, there a few pages later I managed a more realistic look which, at the time, I was sort of at a loss for how to return to. But I think it tends to come down to having a strong profile and sense of directional lighting; I definitely struggle more in scenes where I haven't quite figured out the lighting.)
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