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  USB PuzzledApr 24, 2018 10:45 PM PDT | url | discuss | + share
Added 1 new A* page:Preparing for the move episode 599a: Yay! Can almost stand up straight this evening, since wrestling that the 40-pound hunk of particle board—I hammered it together as a stand for my old makeshift standing desk, years ago—out of my apartment building's basement storage area and into the dumpster a few days ago. I was a little disappointed it didn't make a mightier GONG as it hit the bottom, but anyway, nice to have that out of the way. : P
Rooted through a box that turned out to be filled with all sorts of electronics cables, as well as a Japanese-only game controller that I hardly used and I guess I'll have to eBay (a Dreamcast "Twin Stick"—add "joy" in between "twin" and "stick" and you'll have a pretty good idea of what it looks like; it's pretty large and as far as I know only ever worked for a few games—a situation similar to that of the DC's Samba de Amigo maracas controller, but that at least came out in the States so I can just sell it to GameStop...along with the fishing rod controller...) and a clear purple Game Boy Color, complete with a third-party clear purple plug-in twisty light to aim at the unlit screen. There were analog audio cables, splitters, and adapters a-plenty, loads of heavy old VGA cables—we're firmly in an era past their usefulness! huzzah! they can go—and one thing that stumped me until I googled "USB cable with big square end": turns out it's a USB A to USB B cable.
What the heck did (do? : o) I have that took (takes? : o) a USB B cable? This is gonna nag at me. Guess I'd better hang on to the thing for now. : P
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