A* Episode 17, Page 117

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  You can be my wingman any timeApr 20, 2015 10:59 PM PDT | url | discuss | + share
Added 1 new A* page:Hey if you missed the big announcement in the previous blog entry, I'm currently having a big sale of all the A* original art on this site! Every single watercolor painting, ink drawing, or pencil illustration you'll find here can be yours for just $10 each! Thank to those folks who've already snapped up a bunch of them, and although only three of the eight that I showed thumbnails of in the original post are still up for grabs, there are a good deal more still available that I didn't call out specifically—just flip back through the comic and look for the gold "original art" link at the lower left corner of the comic images! See the original post for more details an' stuff. ^_^
Here's a somewhat sassy (and Top Gun? : o) sketch I sent off to a reader as their reward for supporting the comic through the A* Patreon campaign in the month of January:
Thanks for reading A*! : ))
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