A* Episode 17, Page 118

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  Sketchin' that sci-fi chicFeb 06, 2016 2:55 AM PST | url | discuss | + share
Added 1 new A* page:It's a new month and that means a new round of monthly rewards for the lovely readers supporting the comic through the A* Patreon campaign : ). I'm a little behind on sketches—hopefully I'll get some catching up on those in in the next two weekends after this one : P ^_^—but over *this* weekend I ought to be able to get out the next wave of e-book rewards. The support I get through Patreon makes a huge difference in my being able to keep making this comic day in and day out, so thank you everyone who's helping me with that! Here's a sketch I sent to a reader some time back as their reward for supporting the comic through Patreon in that month:
Thank you, and thanks for reading! Have a nice weekend!
(Oh yeah, I hope to get some reprocessing of the older watercolor comics in this weekend to get them rendered out in the smoother new mode I came up with a week ago. One tweak I made to that since I talked about it before was going back to saving the comics at the same jpeg detail level I've always used, rather than the much higher detail one I was using for a few days there—it was doubling the comic file sizes for what turned out to be almost no visual difference at all—except maybe on that one page from last Friday of the fortress in daytime that was unusually light and low in contrast. So uh yeah that was a bad idea. : P)
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