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  The Big A* Original Art Sale ends next FridayJul 25, 2015 10:34 AM PDT | url | discuss | + share
Added 1 new A* page:The Big A* Original Art Sale ENDS NEXT FRIDAY! Yes, the sale whereby all the A* art available for sale through this site—mostly normally $50 per piece—is going for just $10 apiece will be ending at the end of the day on Friday, July 31st (and that's Pacific Time, for you sticklers ; ). So that leaves you with slightly less than one week from now to snap up whatever pieces of A* artwork there are lying around here that you might have had your eye on—at their hugely discounted sale price, anyway.
With the original drawings and paintings behind the daily comic, for instance, you can just look for the gold "original art" link at the lower left corner of the comic page images as you read through the comic; if the gold link is there, that means the piece is still available, and clicking the link will take you to its product page with more info about the piece itself, a big photo, and for course the big "BUY" button. Remember though, there's only one of each of these things, and they're first-come, first-served. A heck of a lot of pages have been sold during the course of this sale, but there are still a fair amount left that you may be interested in. To get you started, for my final highlight post of this sale, I'll point out a quartet still surviving from this very latest episode, 26:
Image Image
Image Image
All still available—at the time of this writing, anyway! Thanks for looking, and remember, you've just got through next Friday to get these or any other piece of A* art that's left here at the $10 sale price!
The streaming equipment I ordered is "out for delivery" and should be showing up at my doorstep any minute now; I may manage to get in some test streams late Saturday / early Sunday here, and *hopefully* I'll be able to figure out this internet broadcasting thing sufficiently over this weekend to make Monday the first ever live stream of an A* page as it is being drawn and painted. I'll try to have a link to the stream—probably in bright light blue or something—appear just below the comic, in the space between the A* logo and the main site menu—where the "Big A* Original Art Sale" link is right now—when the stream is officially live, as a tip-off; the stream will be at my Twitch page, www.twitch.tv/smbhax, and in theory Twitch will auto-post a notification on my Twitter when the stream goes live, also.
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