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  A* live art streaming is go!Jul 28, 2015 5:25 AM PDT | url | discuss | + share
Added 1 new A* page:Well, this inaugural day of broadcasting streaming internet video of myself working live at the drawing board was pretty fun! I got to meet a few folks and even do a bit of chatting back via Post-its on my drawing board ('cause talking into a mic is so 1920s). I did get a later start than usual for me on a Monday, but if you missed the live streams on my Twitch channel, you can still catch them for I think 30 days in my past broadcasts section: here is the drawing of today's page (a bit twitchy since I hadn't learned to disable my webcam's autofocus yet : p), and then there's the watercoloring of it; there's also watercoloring a painting for a Patreon supporter that I did earlier in the day. And I'll be exporting most of them to my YouTube channel for more permanent storage, so for instance the drawing and watercoloring of today's page are already on there.
Whew! And if you do want to catch 'em live and maybe even get my attention for a Post-it note chat (although I'm not always paying attention to chat 'cause I gotta draw and paint furiously to get this stuff done you know; also my eyes don't like looking at a screen all day x_x), if you happen to load up this site while I'm streaming, there'll be (if I remember to activate/deactivate it correctly...still working on making this a habit!) a notification link to the stream below the comic images, in the gap between the little A* logo and the main site menu:
I'm going to add a little note about it being a (mostly) silent stream at the bottom of future videos, since that seems to be confusing people, and not many folk look at the info section below the live stream video on the Twitch channel page (which I still need to flesh out, besides).
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