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  The Big A* Original Art Sale!Apr 18, 2015 12:32 AM PDT | url | discuss | + share
Added 1 new A* page:Okay let's have a big art sale! As of right now, all pieces of original, hand-drawn A* art for sale through this site are just $10 each! Yep! There's only one of each, so get your favorites before they're gone: while browsing the comic, just look for a gold "original art" link at the lower left corner of each comic image—if it's there, that piece is for sale, and clicking the gold link will take you to its sale page, with more details on the piece and a big gold button you click to add the piece to your virtual shopping cart, from which point you can purchase it with credit card or PayPal. Quite a bit of A*'s archive of hand-penciled, inked, or watercolored pages has already been snapped up by readers, and the most recent week of pages is always up for auction on eBay before the survivors come back for sale through this site, but at the moment anyway there's still a pretty good selection left for you to choose from; for instance, here are some watercolor paintings from recent episodes that are still available as I write this—click the thumbnails below to take a look at 'em:
Image Image
Image Image
Image Image
All just $10 each! And those are just a few examples! Also, I've just made two classic ink pieces available for the first time in ages—they're a couple of my favorites, and they've been on tour at my little art shows here in Seattle for quite some time, but they're finally back up for sale through the site:
Image Image
Those are also just $10 each! The hand-drawn pieces go all the way back to episode 13, page 136—and even all that way back, the ones that are left are just $10 each! Also, don't forget to check out the additional pieces of hand-drawn A* art, in all sizes and shapes, found in the episode galleries on the episodes & e-books page (the hand-drawn ones start the episode 13 gallery)—those are all on sale for just $10 each, too!
If you're buying multiple pieces, just add them to your cart one-by-one, then check out with all of them together and it will combine the shipping into just one shipping charge for the lot—but keep in mind that until you complete your purchase, the pieces of original art in your cart will still be available for others to snap up, so don't delay too long!
This sale will last until... Well, let's see how it goes! I'll give at least a week's notice before it ends, how's that? ^_^ Questions, comments, etc, shoot 'em to me at smbhax@gmail.com, @smbhax on Twitter, or oh all the other usual social media places (links on the about page!).
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