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  How to do a 5 minute illo in just 3 hoursOct 16, 2018 1:12 AM PDT | url
Added 1 new A* page:This was one of those days where the bulk of the work time went into part of the page that in the end I realized just wasn't working, so I blotted it out with white ink and then painted in something (the tiny figure of Selenis, in this case, which originally was larger, and kneeling) al fresco, as it were; fortunately, this time it came out decently on the first re-try. (Maybe slightly too small compared to the scale of figure-to-railings shown two pages ago, but who's counting.)
So while in a way it seems like there were hours wasted, I have to think that those failed efforts ended up informing and guiding the eventual solution, which, composed of free brush strokes with no guiding pencil lines beneath them, achieved a certain free and straightforward style that it never could have otherwise. It's a risky approach, and ALWAYS fails spectacularly when I try to do it that way on purpose—but I guess that's because when I try to do it on purpose, I'm also trying to skip some of the necessary hours of failure along the way. : j
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