A* Episode 31, Page 2

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  Watercolor's like riding a quadrotor--A* art!Oct 18, 2017 10:38 PM PDT | url | discuss | + share
Added 1 new A* page:Wednesday original A* art archive sale! : D This is where I pick an unsold piece of original art from a past A* page that I think is particularly nifty, and offer it to you in a week-long auction at a starting bid price far below the $50 for which I sell pages directly through my own site. So, this week I'm featuring the 16"x6.75" watercolor illustration I made for episode 31, page 38, in which we see our heroine on a small quadrotor aircraft, having threaded a gap in a huge tower in an attempt to elude a similar pursuing craft—and for the next week, it's on sale right here on eBay!
Tiny preview images of the large ones you'll find in the auction listing:
In this one I was particularly happy with how the free play of light blues and darker purples came together to make up the figure of Selenis and the body of the quadrotor. I don't always manage that sort of detail this coherently! : o : D Thanks for checking it out! And you can find my other sales of original A* watercolor page art—always including the latest week's worth of new pages!—under my eBay profile. : )
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