A* Episode 34, Page 16

If you're a generous billionaire or something and would like to send some of that money my way to help me make A* pages, you can now do that through this handy little page PayPal just showed me how to set up: https://paypal.me/smbhax.
From the looks of it, it requires a PayPal account. If you don't have and don't want a PayPal account, you can use the old-fashioned golden "Contribute" button down near the bottom of my store page—the interface it uses isn't quite as slick, but all you need for that one is a credit card. (I've put the paypal.me link thingy down there too for safekeeping.)
Not that I've had a lot of billionaires coming through there, but now they have one more option. ^_^
Anyhoo thanks to everyone who's helped me with A*, and thanks for reading! : D


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