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  Off we go!Jun 19, 2018 9:05 PM PDT | url
Added 1 new A* page:Hey an actual A* page, I remembered how to do it, mostly. : D Today's only new apartment surprise was a bit of a mid-afternoon fluster about humidity levels in my bedroom (aka the only way steam can get out of my bathroom after a shower), where my thirsty watercolor paper and pages were stored—the outer ones, as well as a few comic books I brought with me and had in there—were beginning to feel distinctly floppier than they had been. : o So! Paper things relocated to drier areas. Smarty!
My internet bandwidth here is significantly lower than it was at my old place (also significantly cheaper—free, even! : D); I'm still streaming daily art creation on Twitch, but it'll be slightly chunkier... In fact some sort of problem developed with the streaming later in today's painting process and I'm not sure how much of that got through at all... Hm. More to figure out there, I guess! : P
I will also probably just let the stream stream and not try to catch people's comments and stop what I'm doing to write out replies on Post-It! Notes; that was kind of fun but it was also a distraction from the main task at hand, ie making a cool comic page, so I'm gonna try to go cold turkey on the chat and just concentrate on the drawing and painting. Thanks to everyone who did take the time to make comments there in the past! It cheered me up and some fun times were had. : )
There's probably a ton of other stuff I've meant to tell you about now that I'm back from that big break to move across the state, but darned if my brain can isolate more bits of it just now. Let's see what it can filter out by tomorrow! Also another new A* page, hopefully fewer adventures in humidity, and gosh knows what else (how many creepy crawlies did I corral in the studio today? hm just two I think... Wasn't rainy outside today, maybe that had something to do with it) will happen in the crazy adventure we'll call Wednesday.
  Almost back!Jun 18, 2018 7:29 PM PDT | url
Added 1 new A* page:After getting lost on Friday, the electrician was here in my new apartment today and got me properly grounded power, and heat : D. All that fun took a good chunk of the afternoon, though, so I don't actually have a new *drawn* page to kick off the long-awaited episode 34 after my break to move across the state, but at least we have the episode's title page, so, we're committed. ; )
Should be able to sit down and draw an actual page tomorrow! In the meantime, I give you the shady character what terrorizes dandelions in my new front yard:
  A* back June 18th...ish!Jun 11, 2018 12:34 AM PDT | url
Update 6/16: The electrician who was supposed to fix/install grounded outlets in my new place got lost on Friday, and is now supposed to be here Monday afternoon. *Shouldn't* take all that long to do the job but I guess you never know, so it's possible I may not be able to get started until Tuesday, the 19th.
I'm here in my new apartment and *mostly* unpacked but still having a myriad of things to do before I'm all ready to start up the next A* adventure, so episode 34 will be kicking off (pretty sure, fingers crossed!) next Monday, the 18th of June.
Thanks to everyone who's messaged me or liked my stuff on social media (I'll still be posting mini status reports on Twitter in the meantime : D) or even bought A* original art or prints during this little sabbatical of mine, it's been really encouraging! ^_^ Back in webcomic action soon!
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