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  Episode 17 finito!Nov 10, 2012 4:18 AM PST | url | discuss | + share
Added 1 new A* page:That's the end of episode 17! If I manage to row my ducks over the weekend, episode 18 will be kicking off next week, complete with fedoras and stogies. :)
This page was one of those ones where I spend a lot of time drawing it one way and can't quite get it to work for some reason and finally have to give it up and start over. I think the problem was that I'd always been picturing it as this shot kind of from level and a bit behind and to the side, with a missile pointing right down at Selenis, but that's more of a vertical than a horizontal thing, and my pages are definitely horizontal.
Another thing I realized was that I shouldn't settle for just drawing someone in the old "here's the head-shaped piece, here's the upper-torso-shaped piece, here's the upper arm piece..." way, because that is just dull and not really how people in motion look anyway. Once I gave up on the painstakingly careful initial layout and had to come up with another one in much more limited time, I got looser and wilder and a much more interesting figure, drawn as a pretty weird and mostly cohesive shape, came out of that.
Here are the pencils for the layout I went with:
Then I was kind of frustrated with not having been able to get the first one to work, so I settled for doing a quick mockup of it in marker on a vertical-ish scrap of paper:
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