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  Gray holes and other assorted nerderyJan 22, 2013 2:34 AM PST | url
Added 1 new A* page:Well nobody knows what the inside of a black hole really looks like (or how seeing it in terms we understand would be possible but uh nevermind) but today while scouting out apartments I stumbled into a gray hole in central Seattle in Google Maps' Street View--kinda looks like being inside a sealed asphalt sphere! :o
So Star Trek's Captain Kirk, played by William Shatner, and Batman's uh Batman, played by Adam West, are two beloved, somewhat camp cultural icons, but did you know that before their respective famous series even started, back in 1964, they both starred in a pilot for a never-filmed TV series about gladiators? Well okay actually it was about Alexander the Great (Shatner) and his buddy Cleander (West), and I guess how they conquered a lot of folks or something. It wasn't picked up as a series (West would later call it "one of the worst scripts I have ever read and it was one of the worst things Iíve ever done"--and that's saying a lot, coming from him!) but the pilot aired as a TV movie in 1968, in an attempt to capitalize on their then-contemporary more successful TV endeavors.
Here's a clip in which Shatner is apparently spanking West with a short sword! How did this not get picked up as a series? :P
I was googling my own comic, as you'll do... and I noticed a review of A* on The Two-Headed Nerd, which appeared there back in October only I just saw it now. They say a lot of nice things, so thanks to both nerd heads! (Another THN writer said nice things about A* in their year-end best of 2012 article in December. :))
Here's a sketchamathing, this is actually the first design drawing for a character we'll meet in an upcoming A* episode! :) It only took me about four tries this time before remembering that I have to pull back to full arm's length in order to get faces to draw right when working this big (I guess because I can't see the whole thing clearly when working closer so my mental map to thing on paper conversion just breaks down?), so yay I'm getting better at that. :P
Usually I don't do design sketches for characters and just kind of work it out as I go in the actual comic pages, but I thought I'd see if I could come up with something a little out of my ordinary for this person, and anyway I'm doing these quick sorta-daily sketches anyhow so why not, you know?
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