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  Markers, silly faces, and split erasersJun 19, 2013 12:53 AM PDT | url
Added 2 new A* pages:Tried using a big black marker for the dark area in page 68 and, as with the pencil/marker sketch I tried last week or whatever, I'm not sure it really worked out. Oh well, worth a shot.
I'm glad Junior is out of the picture for a little bit now because like half the time I just don't seem to know what to do with his face; I seem to have these constant urges to do sort of comic relief characters, but when it comes to drawing them I just can't draw them "seriously," I suppose because of how I feel their personality works, and they end up looking like these ridiculous cartoonish scribbles next to the other much more serious scribbles. : P Hum. He's worked out okay a *few* times though so obviously there's some way to do it all right, I just can't seem to do it consistently.
The eraser I was testing out in real drawing for the past couple days to see if it would be my new go-to eraser *did* start to split after two days of heavy erasing--but then, as I was doing some extra eraser testing, my would-be backup go-to eraser split, too! And that one is more smeary than the first candidate, which is actually really amazingly un-smeary, which I've been finding is a huge plus when working with softer graphite grades. So I think I'm just gonna have to go with the first one anyway; I found that if I cut the split end off square with a nice sharp knife, I can go on using the eraser all right; the thing *not* to do is to tear the split end off, because that leaves a jagged surface that just starts to split all over when you try to erase with it, and soon the whole eraser just crumbles to bits--that's what happened with the first one of these.
And in even further eraser developments, the B/HB version of that Campus 2B eraser that came in #2 in my earlier eraser round-up is actually in stock at now; the 2B version did really well on the H-grade lead I was testing at that point, so in theory the B/HB (B and HB being harder grades of lead than 2B) should do even *better* on H-grade lead--so when I get that one in I'll have to try it against the current H champ, the Pentel Ain Dust-Gathering eraser, to see if it can beat it. And then whichever one of those does best is what I'll keep around for the times I use my mechanical drafting pencil and H leads for layouts meant for inking--and I think I will be doing some of those again, although in a slightly different format, but I'll talk more about that in a day or two probably.
I may only get one page done tomorrow 'cause I've got someone else's birthday to go celebrate. I *might* get back in time to get two pages in but I kind of doubt it.
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