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  Does TVTropes have..."Desk Walking"?Jun 28, 2013 7:43 AM PDT | url
Added 1 new A* page:Tried updating my incredibly ancient video drivers today, which turned out to be sort of a bad idea since my computer then decided to crash at random times, or every time I tried to scan something. : P (I am writing this while installing a bajillion Windows Updates, hopefully one of them will help...) ((Nope, Windows Updating made Windows not boot anymore. System Restore to the rescue! I guess over the weekend I'll try updating again, but this time I'll do Windows Update first, THEN the years-spanning video driver update that went ahead and did some .NET Framework updating of its own last time. : P Although at this point it seems likely that nothing but Microsoft's original 2007 XP video driver will prove to be stable on this ol' system. :PP)) (((Hm except my camera's import program doesn't work now, phoo.))) ((((Actually come to think of it, what probably caused the no-booting problem was WinXP blocking the final part of the install of the last video driver revision I attempted, accusing it of being a virus or something and leaving no way to clean up the interrupted drive install gracefully.))))
Anyway presumably that's sort of sorted out for now, so let's not forget to mention that I have a big A* ink painting up for bid on eBay:
Six bids now. : ) 8 and a half days left!
You may have heard of the site TVTropes; some years back I made a little entry there for A*, and since then some gumptious readers have filled it in with a list of some of the horrible cliched plot devices I've made you suffer through on A*. It has a lot of damning evidence compiled, but there is no entry there yet for "Desk Walking," or whatever more clever name it should have, but there should be, because, as in today's page, I seem to keep coming back to scenes of characters walking around desks (often with illuminated doorways somewhere in the background, too :p). Can you recall any? I'll see how many I can get in the *spoilers to this pop quiz upcoming!* next paragraph.
Selenis, for instance, did a desk walk-around very similar to the Captain's here around the Major's desk last episode. And let's see... Well, the space station radio operator in the episode before that had a desk and a doorway, but the desk was kind of in a corner so you couldn't really walk all the way around it. No for a good ol' fashioned walk-around we gotta go back a bit further... No walking around bars and ship control panels in 16 doesn't count... Ooh Selenis did walk around the shipping operator's desk on the space station in episode 15, hah. She couldn't walk around the ticket seller's desk at the spaceport earlier in that episode, I suppose... Ooh! Flashback Selenis 0 walks around a desk in episode 14. There's *all* sorts of goings-on around desks in episode 13--well specifically Andiran's, a few times I think, and Gliese's, also a few times. Goodness me. We won't count Selenis' weird couch desk at her moon base at the start of the episode. : P It's a table rather than a full-on desk that Selenis punishes in episode 12, same with the table on Proctor and Mar's ship in 11. But! Mar wallows on his desk earlier in 11 while Proctor walks around it. Proctor kind of buzzes around Mar's terminal desk in episode 9. We won't coun't Nils' control chair in 8... The control consoles in 7 would be a bit of a stretch... Not the bar and tables in 6... Ah, but Proctor whines around Mar's desk in 5, and Mar hovered over Proctor's desk in 2.
So, lots of desk action! And don't even get me started trying to count doorway action... I was thinking earlier this evening before all the crashing that maybe this was a Freudian thing some stripe related to my quitting my ten-year game-design-industry desk job to work at home starting A*, where I don't have a real desk. Desk envy? Heck I might as well just rename this whole thing "Supermassive Desk Door," the therapeutic benefit could be huge!
Do *you* have a desk worthy of A*? Maybe if it isn't, like, work unsafe or something you could twit it to me on Twitter and I could then share it with the other readers there. Hum I should probably pony up with a proper picture of my own standing desk, which isn't a proper desk at all but a bookshelf with a hilarious step I hammered together to make it the right height. ; ) Maybe I'll have something snapped by the time tomorrow's blog rolls around.
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