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  Art auction snafu; my weird "desk"Jun 29, 2013 6:25 AM PDT | url
Added 1 new A* page:eBay took my A* art auction down! They were afraid my account had been hijacked, because this was the first time I've tried to sell anything with it since I first registered way back in 2002. So they wanted me to call them and we straightened that out (yes, it's still me!), but the auction will have to be started over from scratch. Very sorry for the inconvenience to those eight people who had bid on it!! I will post the new auction link once I relist it this afternoon.
*sigh* Well, on the plus side I think I got my computer straightened out, although it seems my OEM graphic card can't quite handle the actual nVidia drivers, so I'm back on Microsoft reference drivers from 2007, although these are the *updated* ones from late 2007, rather than the ones from summer 2007 that I'd been using all this time. >_> And actually the ones from later '07 have fixed the tiny compatibility issue I was having, so yay I can play my little video pinball game with all its minor graphical bells and whistles, which is all I wanted to do in the first place. I knew trying to update just for that was silly but oh well, it turned into quite an educational little adventure in computer crashing.
Speaking of my computer--and getting back to my obsession with desks that has become apparent through their many appearances in A*, as I was enumerating yesterday--you can actually see most of it in this photo of my makeshift standing desk
which is actually just a bookshelf, and a step at the bottom that I made by laying an anti-fatigue work mat over a solid block of particle boards I sawed to size and nailed together (that was as carpentery as I've ever gotten in my life : o). Oh and there's a sort of foot rest (ie some shelves supported by more nailed-together particle board blocks) at the bottom, and books I still need to read piled on the sides of that, topped on the left side by my rather neglected sketchbook (and that's the corner of my drawing table to the left of the "desk"). And then the very high top shelf holds some drawing aids, old Game Boy games >_>, and other odds and ends, and my weird old Acer Future keyboard sits on a precisely stacked pile books on top (in theory now that I've figured out the height I like I could build a lower bottom step and eliminate the need for the books on top, hum...oh but you know, the non-book height is for drawing with my drawing tablet, although I don't do that much anymore), with my monitor perched on a funny stack of books and a storage bin on top of a folding lawn chair behind it all at just the right comfortable height and viewing angle. It looks highly bizarre but is actually really comfy now that I've got it all just so.
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