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  Uploading a memory -- with fiber optics!Jul 27, 2013 1:47 AM PDT | url
Added 1 new A* page:The BBC had a very A* science article today: Scientists can implant false memories into mice talks about an experiment where scientists activated specific brain cells in mice via light pulses over brain-implanted fiber optics to trigger a memory of a painful environment. The article goes on to talk about how memory works: memories are encoded in combinations of brain cells, and changes to these cells and thus the memories recorded in them can change--and indeed are changing all the time.
Fascinating stuff! We'll be up to Selenis' level of encoding lifetimes of memories in no time. : D
I think maybe I actually went a bit too dark on today's page. : o Oh well, good practice for outer space scenes or something, right? Gotta build up my shading muscles--I mean, literally. Kinda sore right now. : p I started doing fill-in on this one with the wider Monolith Woodless Pencil, but I was finding that with a thicker tip it's actually a lot harder to get enough point-pressure down to make a fully black mark; in other words, the same force applied to the area of the smaller tip leaves a darker mark, kind of a pounds per square millimeter thing, you know. So I ended up doing almost all the shading just with my normal Tombow Mono pencil. And maybe I'll just stick with that, if my arm holds out.
I don't really like drawing dead people. Creepy! Eeg. And I didn't consciously try to draw his legs looking so unnaturally...distant from his torso, but I guess it definitely heightens the wrongness of his situation. Alas, poor Kilbain! And he'll be here all weekend. : o
Oh! If you have Netflix streaming and you haven't watched Chinatown yet, you may want to catch it before it leaves the service August 1st. Love the atmosphere in that one, and of course the performances by Nicholson, Dunaway, and Huston (who, of course, directed a few well-known classic noir films in his earlier days, such as The Maltese Falcon and Key Largo).
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