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  Hayao Miyazaki, Nausicaš, and a pencilJul 31, 2013 12:04 AM PDT | url
Added 1 new A* page:I learned today that Hayao Miyazaki drew his Nausicaš manga series in pencil, rather than ink. So huzzah for him and pencil! I still need to find more pencil artists to follow, but when I try looking I mostly just find that elaborately rendered photo-realistic stuff, which isn't really what I'm after.
I've been too fussy with my own pencil lately, and have been fighting with myself over...oh everything I suppose. Earlier today I spent a good bit of time reprocessing all the regular-sized versions of the pages since I started working with woodcase pencils (since page 37 of this episode) so that they'd come out a bit smoother, because with these pencils the grain of the paper tends to show more, and it was a little too grainy, I think.
But besides that I've still been letting myself get worried about stuff, like how I'm shading or whether it's dark enough or today, I just realized, I got hung up on putting some black areas in, thinking I'd use that as a guideline and sort of scale the rest of the shading down from there, but eh in the end I don't think that was quite the right approach for this page, and anyway it's hard to be flexible after laying down a really thick black area of graphite. Black first did help when I did those three or four dark gradient pages late last week, but the graininess really comes out with that approach, and that was kind of bugging me all weekend, and then some more after yesterday's pages. So I I will save black for last, and we'll see how that goes. See I really liked some of the pages I did with the mechanical pencil, before page 37, where the lightness of that line forced me to get kinda creative with line patterns and some abstraction; with the improved shading power of the wooden pencils I've been getting too literal in terms of trying to render things, forgetting to let expression and design work for me. Ugh. So I want to try to get back to that, only taking advantage of the more full-fledged capabilities of the wooden pencils. (Although rather ironically, the harder smaller points of mechanical pencils do make for less grainy lines--so I was trying test sketches where I would use the wooden pencil for the dark main lines, then thick arrays of mechanical pencil lines for shading, but mechanical leads don't come in the darker, softer grades, so they come out too light and look weird, bah.)
Anyway here are some earlier stages of fussing on today's page--see I kind of got trapped in Junior's profile, and couldn't decide on the degree of shading for the Captain's head, as I was worrying about striking some sort of balance against the black background:
It's all very silly.
Also that helicopter has been doing laps over my apartment from late afternoon until like midnight the past three nights, and that's getting a little old. : P
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