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  A* Episode 5, Dailies 140 - 142Aug 22, 2009 3:18 AM PDT | url
Added 3 new A* comics:I'm finding that more and more I'm slowing down to add detail or additional little camera shots or something, which is part of what's taking episode 5 longer to draw; the question is, will it be worth it, or should I just try to crank out the episodes as quickly as possible without drawing bells and whistles? I suppose it will come down to how cool the bells and whistles actually are in the final product.
The shot I covered today, for instance, was supposed to be a simple shot of Selenis pressing the "retract" button on her grapple gun, but then I decided it should be a panning shot, from her face to the finger pressing the button, then I decided it should start zoomed in on her face, then zoom out, pan, and zoom in on her finger. Then I decided I should animate the scattered reflection of the approaching asteroid on her helmet, while all that other "camera" stuff is going on. And there should be a planet, a couple moving asteroids, and twinkled stars (I think I improved the "twinkle" filter I first started toying with yesterday) in the background. Way to complicate things, self!
You won't actually see the full figure drawing in the animation, since it's too big to fit in a single frame. Here it is, and some of the animating effects thrown in (eh don't mind that twitchy hand in this rough version :P):
If you're just dying to see the full 4000px-wide original drawing, you can try to fit that onto your screen from its page in the episode 5 gallery, which you can get to by clicking on this innocuous tiny version:
It's been a while since I pimped my deviantART account, so just as a reminder, all the stuff I put in the A* art galleries also goes up on my deviantART, where you can Favorite it and make it loved and popular, if that's something you're into.
That's it for now. Have a nice weekend!
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