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  A* Episode 5, Dailies 158 - 160Aug 28, 2009 4:04 PM PDT | url
Added 3 new A* comics:Ah Mar and Proctor, they are such good buds! Mar may not care much for guessing games, though.
I've been trying to work a little ahead on the dailies, thus this relatively early-in-the-day update! I'm working ahead so that I'll still be able to have new dailies each day while I'm working on the final animation and voice recording, so if I do this right there should still be at least one new daily, hopefully at least two, each day right up to the release of the animated episode. There will be a three day or so break after the release of the animated episode during which I won't have a new A* comic, since I'll be writing the script and drawing the storyboards for the next episode, but even then I'll probably still have at least a storyboard or two I can show you on most of those days.
There have been a few site updates in the last day or so:
  • The top A* menu has a new "more comics" link, which will take you to a handy list of links to the three comics I produce (A*, One Off, and The Princess and the Giant)
  • You can now click on a comic to advance to the next one, if there is a next one
I'm going to see if I can squeeze in a new One Off comic today, as well as continuing to work ahead on the rest of this final episode 5 scene for A*...and then it will be the weekend (during which I will produce a new Princess and the Giant comic). Have a good one!
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