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  Sneaky colored ink touch-ups over watercolorAug 31, 2016 10:56 PM PDT | url
Added 1 new A* page:On the last couple pages I've resorted to an old trick of mine, ie making touch-ups over the watercolor by mixing a little watercolor into the white waterproof ink I normally use for touch-ups—it usually only works on what should be white areas of the page, right, but if you can manage to mix in the right amount of the right color, you can put it more or less seamlessly over actual watercolors, and nobody would probably even know unless I pointed it out. Can you see anywhere I did it in today's page? Aside from tiny spots here and there that actually pretty much are too tiny to see now, you can probably make out some pink touch-up right under the bird's neck in the left foreground (where I fumbled and dropped my small brush while it had dark purple paint in it :"P), and some light blue over the background running along the outside of Selenis' legs at the knees, just to tidy up that boundary a little after multiple layers of shadow had left it a bit muddled.
Oh! And the highlights on Selenis' cheek and chin, although originally those weren't meant to be highlights: I accidentally made the ink & watercolor mix I'd meant to cover up some messy watercolor touch-ups a little too light ; ). But then I scrubbed at it with a stiff wet brush and the light blue ink dissolved into a sort of diffuse highlight across those parts of the face, which actually works rather nicely, fortunately. : D
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