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  A* around the webApril 10, 2009 4:33 AM | url
Since there are now multiple (ie two) episodes online, A* is almost like a legitimate series or something, so I went on a little jag of shameless self-promotion around the intarwebz. I'm not really very good at that sort of thing, so if you know any cool places I should be sticking A* stuff on the Internet, please let me know, and I will see if I can/should stick it there!
If you check the "about" page now, you'll find a tidy list of links at the bottom linking to other A* stuff scattered around. The newer ones are:The shortcut page was for thewebcomiclist, which actually looks like a pretty cool project run by a very dedicated person. I'm going to have to rummage around in the sci-fi comic links. As of this writing, A*'s entry on thewebcomiclist doesn't have an icon, but don't send them one--I've already done so.
The icons and banners are things I've made for linking and stuff so far, and it seemed like about time to get them organized.
Blogger looks nice, but making a post with in-line images seems to be a pain. I'm not sure I'll be posting (or cross-posting, more specifically) there much, but I did at least want to get an account set up so I could start sneaking viral comments into some of the cool artist blogs I've run across. =p
The spelling and some of the functionality on is kind of iffy, but they're one of two directory sites linked from Wikipedia's webcomic list page, so hey.
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