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  Maybe carrier pigeonAug 02, 2018 10:04 PM PDT | url
Added 1 new A* page:I was happy to find a box of A* artwork on my porch today; it was a long time getting here: I mailed it on May 14th, from Seattle to a reader in France.
Mail services on both sides of the Atlantic, it seems, suffered their own particular snafus with this strangely star-crossed package, which otherwise is pretty much like all the other boxes of A* original artwork that I've shipped to people around the world over the years. And, I had complicated things for them by moving in the mean time, so the return address on the package was by now my old address—which they should have been able to handle anyway since I'd registered my new address with them as the forwarding address, and they assured me on multiple occasions over the phone, after a wait on hold of just an hour or two, that yes the returning package would be forwarded as normal...
Anyway, thanks to the kind auspices of an old neighbor of mine in Seattle, and the tireless efforts of my own indomitable mother (apparently, if USPS mis-returns a package, they'll gladly try to forward it correctly if they get it back, but they don't really consider it their job to go back and pick it up themselves in order to make that happen), the artwork was saved from the second delivery service snafu—a bird's nest or something was involved in the first one, I hear—and finally plunked down here at my new address this a.m., a mere two and a half months after I mailed it. Whew! So tomorrow I'll put it in a shiny new box and send it on its way again! It's bound to get there this time. = o : D
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