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  Ep. 34 ends! 35 starts Monday : OSep 29, 2018 1:30 AM PDT | url
Added 1 new A* page:That's the end of episode 34! Now, next episode is going to answer a big question. And maybe some other questions. It may raise some questions. Stuff will happen. It may, in other words, be the most A* episode yet. That starts Monday, if I'm with it enough.
Regarding yesterday's stork report, my mother emailed to say that it was probably a blue heron that I came across, rather than a stork—and you know, it was rather bluish, so I bet she's right!
And speaking of yesterday, that's also when I found a new ice cream shop in town—well, it isn't a new ice cream shop, it's just the first time I spotted its sign, which was sort of hiding behind a tree. And I guess it isn't exactly its own shop, but an ice cream counter inside a cafe, which is kind of a plus because there's a lot of cozy sitting room—it's like a big, well-furnished living room—so you can, just for instance I mean I don't know what webcomic author weirdo might do this but you could eat your ice cream while sitting in a big easy chair and reading the comic pages from several local papers they've conveniently deposited on a large coffee table in the middle of a bunch of such chairs.
Now, it isn't their own ice cream creamed right there on the premises like the dedicated creamery on the college campus next to the two-block downtown where this other shop is situated, but it's still pretty decent ice cream, with flavors someone might like such as huckleberry or marionberry or whatever it was—one of those darkish purple berries that is yummy—and espresso. So I saw the sign yesterday and went back today with my wallet after my walk and had a nice little time, and that was today's adventure!
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