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  Old science, new pseudo science?Nov 29, 2018 9:44 PM PST | url
Added 1 new A* page:Ooh I guess I sat on this for a while but anyway back in January the BBC ran an article about scientists in China creating the first cloned monkeys. They were using the same technique used to clone Dolly the sheep 20 years ago, which is very inefficient and has a rather high mortality rate, so this isn't a technical breakthrough, but I guess more of just an example of how people will continue to press closer and closer to cloning, well, ourselves.
Hm and come to think of it, there's a Chinese scientist who's been making headlines in the past week or so after claiming he'd successfully created genetically modified twin human babies—supposedly he edited them to make them immune to what could have been an inherited disease, or something; I stopped reading there because it was making me feel uncomfortable : P, although I did see later headlines about some kind of controversy (not surprising) and other scientists or something saying they had serious reasons to doubt his claim in the first place.
Well that's all kind of messy and I'd rather not think about it anymore; mad science is easier to take in fiction. : o
(Ah okay well if you really want to know more about the gene edited human baby claims and controversy, here's one place to start.)
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