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  PayPal likes to make you workFeb 04, 2019 8:27 PM PST | url
Added 1 new A* page:FedEx pushed the delivery date of my replacement scanner back again, to next Monday. : P So probably instead of blogging stuff next week I'll just be trying to catch up on scanning in the pages from this week and last week that are just photos right now. On the plus side, I did manage to improve the photo contrast a bit (note to self: don't leave black background layer up in Photoshop behind art photo when using Auto Levels function...), so today's ended up a bit sharper at least!
Found out when shipping off some A* art at the PO today that they had a price increase on Jan 27th. : P I held off raising my domestic art shipping prices to match—I don't want to put them over $8, bleh—but I did have to raise the international shipping prices 50 cents or so.
Took me a while to do that for stuff bought straight through with PayPal buttons, because PayPal keeps moving the link to their Shipping Calculator (and their help documents have not been updated to reflect its new location, so if you try the old links they'll just redirect you to stuff trying to get you to sign up for their PayPal Business account stuff ; PPP)—it's now crumbs how to I get back to that menu?
... Browser history...... Okay, future me, the current Shipping Calculator link is here; I got to it from the All Tools page, which I got to from the Tools menu at the top of the Shipping Preference page, which I don't think you can get to directly from any regular links on, but I guess I got to it through one of their help pages after much searching. : PP
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