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  New scanner! : DDFeb 12, 2019 7:25 PM PST | url
Added 1 new A* page:The scanner arrived! FedEx told me twice during the day that they'd delayed it yet another day—but then it showed up late in the afternoon anyway! : o (I had been suspicious of the delay, because the other package of mine tracking along with it had not been rescheduled, and both still said "on vehicle for delivery." : P)
It's a Mustek A3 2400S S-Series Flatbed Scanner, and it works great, just like the old one (a 1200) I used for the first 8 years—it's even nearly the same color of off-white, despite being shown as dark blue/purple or something in the Amazon product photo. In fact it's built pretty nearly identically to the old one, and it looks to have the same fragile situation with the power cord plugging directly into the tiny motherboard inside with no additional reinforcement, so this time I'm trying to be real careful with the power cable, and have it leading into the scanner as gently as possible. Oh well and it doesn't have that dark speck toward the upper left corner that I always had to Photoshop out like the last one developed, or the oddly pixelated far left and right sides—but give it time. : P
So now I've got to go back and scan all the pages I wasn't able to scan after the old printer died, going back to page 8; in fact I have to scan in the first 3 of those tonight, because a reader bought them off the daily auctions on eBay, and they're due at the post office by tomorrow. = o
If the scanner had arrived between Feb 4th and 7th like Amazon told me it would when I bought it we wouldn't have had all this drama. :P
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