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  Ep. 6 main character voicesDec 18, 2009 5:51 PM PST | url | discuss | + share
Just processing the voices for episode 6 took all day yesterday (and some of today), so I've still got the lip-syncing to do, which will probably take me all the rest of today and some of Monday. After that is just the music, and then generating the actual movie file; those two together should take less than a day, soooo if nothing untoward occurs, I hope to have episode 6 playing before your peepers by late Tuesday.
Now that I've got the audio all nice and divvied up, dig some lines from the main characters. In fact, these three taken together kind of encapsulate the plot of the whole episode, so I'll blot out the name of one of them juuuuust in case you're a reader who's managed to come all this way without already having read episode 6 in the daily comics
--if that's you, and you've been trying to avoid knowing about the episode all this time because you want to experience it for the first time in movie form, then you DON'T want to listen to these files, because they're SPOILERS for the movie--
but if you already know the plot, then enjoy these first glimpses of the main character voices in episode 6!
- Vero decides to go pay [someone] a surprise visit
- [someone] surprises Vero with a hug
- Selenis gets in some surprises of her own!

I came across the GRIN ("Great Images in NASA") site yesterday, and posted some of my favorite images in an A* forum article--images like this one, of a chilled-out Neil Armstrong looking comfortable with his X-15 test craft in 1960:
(image by NASA)
Dig that swingin' suit's swanky retro space style! Yeah!
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