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  Episode 7--and beyond! (and Merry Christmas!)Dec 25, 2009 12:08 AM PST | url | discuss | + share
Got the script for episode 7 written today. Should be a pretty exciting episode, with lots of action, the arrival of the long-awaited Captain Fizer, and some Vero/Selenis head games. Whee!
This episode marks the beginning of what'll be an acceleration of the storyline; in fact I had a surprise brainstorming session a few weeks ago, and came up with the full ending for Vero's story, which previously had existed to a large degree only in sort of nebulous and vague general plot ideas. Vero's story will go through chapter 10 (OMG spoilers!), at which point we'll be perfectly set up for the next story, which I think has the potential to be even cooler. So Vero has four chapters left to tell the rest of his story, and I am going to put the poor guy through ever-increasing stages of hell. Muwahaha! :D
So anyway, whereas it took him two episodes (1 and 2) to blow through a space station before, in episode 7 (OMG more spoilers) he'll do it in one. There's progress for you!
But I also want to accelerate things in a much simpler way, namely that of getting you the daily comics for each episode at a faster rate; since moving to the daily comic format, the episodes (5 and 6) have taken three months each to complete, and I would like to get that down closer to two months. I've been averaging about 2.5 daily comics per day, and I want to get that closer to 4 per day. Which means I just really have to concentrate on the drawing--and taking what I've learned about what works and what doesn't for the animation, so that I'm not wasting time drawing things that I won't actually use, or that won't be effective. I'm not sure how much more drawing I can get in on a daily basis than I have been, but we'll see. Hopefully this increased focus will mean at least a few more comics coming to you each week than you've been getting.
So there, how many webcomics tell you they're going to try to *increase* the number of comics you get per week? Doesn't happen very often that I've seen! (Hm maybe there's a reason for that... Nahhhh, I'm sure this'll work just dandy. =p)
And it is now 11:59 PM...
12:00 AM! Woohoo! Merry Christmas! Look for some A* Christmas cards this evening, probably at my usual very late hour. ;)
Oh! And I was going to leak you a fun line from the episode 7 script. Here goes:
"I don't want your thanks, Fizer. I want this over with and your men off my station before you start a goddamn riot."
Aaaand Happy Holidays!
Also in researching for this next episode I came across some interesting real-life stories about things like space-ship crashes, mold taking over a space station, and how fast you need to rotate a space station in order to get artificial gravity (and reasons why you might not want to rotate it that fast), all of which I posted at the beginning of the episode 7 forum thread.
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