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  A* cards and banners and rotators, oh my!Dec 28, 2009 6:56 PM PST | url | discuss | + share
Here's the final A* Christmas card (for 2009, anyway)--click for the large version in the gallery:
And there's a version without the "from A*" part, right here.
I hope you're all enjoying some holiday time, whether you're building your own Snow-Mars, or whatever!
Whipped up a new ad campaign over the weekend, using stuff from chapter 6. Hopefully these will last me through chapter 7, so I can concentrate on getting the new art done! :D I think they're a little punchier and even more relevant to the plot than previous banners, and also more rainbow sherbet-colored, which can only be a good thing, right?
They don't quite fit in the news column, but if you click this cropped montage you can see them in their full, individual glory on the icons page.
I also whipped up a rotator to display the four of them in random order on sites like my weekly comic, The Princess and the Giant. Speaking of which (was that a super lead-in or what???), I made a couple new vertical banners/bookmarks for the Princess recently, based on the past two pages--which you can get to by clicking on their banner versions below:
Image Image
Ad-zooks! I still need to get ad spaces rolled out for my own site...gotta get to work on that later this week, really...but first I've got to generate over 100 storyboards for episode 7, so that I can start getting episode 7 comics to you, hopefully by Wednesday of this week. So I ought to have some of the more presentable storyboards from my first episode 7 batch to show you, later tonight!
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