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  A* prints at Local ColorMay 19, 2010 3:15 AM PDT | url | discuss | + share
Added 2 new A* pages:Oh there goes Vero speaking in Morse code again. =p
Today my dad and I took artwork from my comics--matted A* prints and One off and -word- greeting cards--to a coffee house in downtown Seattle, where they should be on sale starting tomorrow. The coffee shop is Local Color, and it's in a pretty sweet location, right on Pike Place, across the street from the main and somewhat famous Pike Place Market; if you've been to the Market you probably walked right past it. It's a couple blocks north of that piroshky joint everyone likes (line out the door, even on a blustery day like today), for instance; in fact I even found a photo, facing south, with Local Color's street sign in it on the piroshky place's site (the piroshky place is a block or two further south from the photo location). Ooh and say also right on that street is the very first Starbucks shop, which I hadn't realized was there, but apparently it has been, at least since 1976 (it started at a different location in '71)--today it was packed with tourists taking pictures from every angle. Weird.
Hey I'm digressing! So if you happen to wander into Local Color, be nice and buy a cookie or coffee or something, then keep wandering, past the cash register, toward the back, and on the left you'll find some racks with art prints in them, and if you hunt around in there you should find some A* ones. Woo! They're pretty much identical to what you'd get if you used the "buy as signed print" link next to any A* art on this site, except that the ones at Local Color are a) all fancy matted and ready for framing, b) slightly more expensive (probably well worth it for the matting though), and c) not signed (only the ones you order off the web site are signed :D).
So that was fun. This is all thanks to my dad, who's decided to spend his retirement taking my comic artwork around to coffee houses, apparently. :) And also apparently at this very moment you can also find One Off and -word- cards of mine in Seattle University's book store, and eh under glass table tops in some small U-District coffee house whose name seems to have evaded all the emails my dad has sent me about so keep your eyes open for those and let me know if you find them. :D
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