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  A* Episode 2: now with soundApril 20, 2009 3:29 PM PDT | url
Just for you A*'s--I'll put it out on Newgrounds, YouTube, and deviantART later in the week--A* episode 2 is now up with sound. There are a lot more speaking roles in episode 2, so let me know if I was sufficiently big-glasses-y as Proctor, sufficiently calculating as Mar, sufficiently female as Selenis, etc. I'm not sure if I did all that great in the bit parts--guards and things--but I do think that Selenis' computer is some of my best work; keep an ear out for its "Proctor, Core Sys Corp, private encoding" line. Go computer!
Now, the Episode 2 Voiceover Contest is still on like Donkey Kong, and in fact the deadline for entries is this Thursday, so mark that one on your calendar.
As for me, after a week spent learning the innards of YouTube, teaching myself voice acting and audio editing--oh and RSS--it's time to get back to what I really want to be spending time on, which is making new episodes! I'd been worried about episode 3 for a while, because it's going to be a flash-back episode, where we learn just what sort of dire accident struck Vero and his buddy Sig near the fateful binary system Tempus 477, and I wasn't sure that I could keep people interested in past action. But having worked out the episode's plot in my head a bit, I'm pretty sure it is in fact going to be the most exciting A* episode yet, featuring, among other things, a MASSIVE SPACE EXPLOSION. Omg spoilers.
So I'd better sit down here and actually start writing it before I forget how the explosion happens.
Update: Ohh, now I remember. Man, I have so much material I might have two episodes worth of explosions here. Sweet.
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