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  A new interstellar sport is bornJan 20, 2011 10:17 PM PST | url
Added 1 new A* page:We've got about ten pages to go in episode 11, and it can take me up to a week to write and storyboard the next episode, and I want to have comics for you while I'm doing that, so...if my math is right--I'm sure I got this wrong somehow--then I need to start giving you just one page per day, so I have pages on reserve to cover my writing/storyboarding time in a week or so. Bleh! I hate holding back pages, but I think two weeks of one page per day is better'n one week of two and one week of none, Such is life! But we've still got some significant twisting and turning to do here in these last few pages of episode 11, so don't think you can skip out! =p
Here's a self-serving suggestion for more comics! In addition to A*, I do another daily comic--which you probably haven't heard of--kind of a secret *cough*--called Sketchy, and this is a dandy time to start following that, since I've just started another of Sketchy's infamous *cough cough* tall tales, "The Mercenary and the Mariachi"! A rollicking tale of southern adventure, 't'will be. It begins here, we're on the third page today, and just to complete the confusion, here's page 2 as a sampler:
"How many weird comic series does this nut have?" you might be wondering. Well, five...sorta. Three of 'em are updated regularly, and the other two are more fly-by-night affairs. There's a handy auto-updating list of them on the more comics by me page, always available from this site's top menu.
A super-big thanks to Project: Universe, who I just noticed have A* on their links page. Yay! Thanks for the link, Project: Universe!
Is Selenis about to play a round of Mar-ball? (:o)
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