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  Supermassive music holeJan 27, 2011 7:44 PM PST | url
Added 1 new A* page:Oh man! Am I going to end every episode with Selenis blowing a stickup and getting shot? Well... Uh... Okay so episode 12 *probably* won't end that way. Although that could change if I get really inspired. >_>
Speaking of inspired (see how I did that), obviously you've all been wondering what gets listened to while A* is drawn, and happy day, I'm here to bore your ears off about it! See I've been kind of obsessed with Pandora for the past three weeks or so, basically ever since SomaFM's seasonal "Christmas Lounge" station went off the air (;_;), because I spent like a week looking up other streaming Christmas music stations and none of them were really very good--so I decided to try making my own on Pandora!
You all probably know that Pandora is this online music thingy where you tell it what music you like, then it plays music that isn't quite what you like, *except* that once in a blue moon it plays a track that you probably already have on CD, at which point you click the little Thumbs Up icon for it in the hope that Pandora will play it again for you at some unspecified time in the future, instead of clicking the little Thumbs Down icon you click the rest of the time because it's decided you like bad country music or rap. So obviously it's a great deal of fun and I'm completely addicted to it.
My Pandora profile is here, and I think you may need a Pandora account to see it, but anyway it should show you the little channels I'm trying to manage, underneath some horrible picture of me. My "QuickMix" is currently a mix of classic vocal jazz Christmas music (Bing Crosby, Nancy Wilson, Nat King Cole...hopefully) and modern techno-ish remixes of them---basically trying to copy SomaFM's channel. And it actually kind of worked! Except that suddenly this past Tuesday at about 2:30 pm the Christmas spirit left me, so I probably won't listen to it for another ten months or so. Ah well, there's always next year.
In the meantime I'll probably be listening to the little trip hop station I'm trying to wrangle there (stop trying to make it a Brazilian lounge music channel, Pandora; I like Brazilian lounge music but that's not what this is supposed to beeeee :P), and actually mostly to the (hopefully) classic vocal jazz station, because that old stuff keeps me nice and peppy while drawing. And oh man is it so satisfying to ban overplayed modern "jazz" singers when they come up--I won't name names but they've been torturing me for the past year and a half while listening to the streaming music stations I used to try.
So yeah, Pandora--it's super-productive! >_> :)
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