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  Episode 11's out with a bangFeb 01, 2011 6:47 PM PST | url
Added 2 new A* pages:Ouch. Thus endeth episode 11! I hope you enjoyed this one, even if the ending may have left you scratching your head a bit; these things will get worked out eventually. I think.
The freaky-looking dude in these last two pages is indeed Proctor; it was kind of an interesting experiment for me to see what rendering him in a more realistic fashion--while still retaining some of his characteristic cartoonish features--would look like, and the answer is: weird. :o He and Mar were born back in the early episodes, when I was drawing A* for animation, and became pretty much stuck in very cartoony (and fun to draw!) shapes; on the other hand, especially since I stopped drawing A* for animation, I've been trying to get a more realistic look going, so they've been clashing a bit with, say, Selenis.
We'll be bidding Proctor and Mar goodbye for a while as the story takes Selenis away from Core Sys into a darker and dingier corner of the galactic core. You can't see that area yet in these storyboards I drew up for the beginning of episode 12 yesterday (they're in random order below), but can you guess how many Selenisses-- uh...Seleni are shown here?

How's that? Stick around for episode 12 to find out; it begins tomorrow!
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