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  Emerald City Comic Con pics and typings!Mar 09, 2011 3:19 AM PST | url
Added 2 new A* pages:So I visited Emerald City Comic Con this past Saturday for the first time ever. There are a whole lot of comic people and comics (actually there were way more comic shops there than I'd thought there would be, that was cool) and people in comic-related costumes. My dad was in the little posse I went down with, and he had a whole lot of fun taking photos of all the people in costumes; here are a few photos he passed along:
Cutest couple ever! Man that long-haired Chewie could almost load her on his crossbow (whoa I typoed that as "crowboss" :p). There was also a diminutive powder-blue Batboy riding on a Bat-dad's shoulders--the masked avenger looked to be in need of a nap back at the ol' cave.
And then a pretty fierce Catwoman:
Powerful shoulders, dark eyes, good glare: she'd probably make a pretty decent Selenis, you know. And she'd be much more comfortable in any of Selenis' costumes than in that trashy "Derelicte"-style modern Catwoman monstrosity, poor thing.
But there was more than just oodles of people-watching! Or...well there was specific-people-watching! For instance I saw Sergio Aragones (my brother used to collect his "Groo the Wanderer" comic), Geof Darrow (I think we had a nifty graphic novel or two by him back in the day), Phil and Kaja Foglio of Girl Genius (and many other fine comics), Danielle Corsetto of Girls With Slingshots, Jeph Jacques of that famous webcomic everyone knows about already, the Halfpixel guys who were stuck facing the second block of Jeph's line all day, W.P. Morse of Rhapsodies, who I went to say "hi" to since he came to my art show opening back in November, yay!, the affable Larry Lewis of Blender who was at the same booth as Morse, and charming Disney artist Brittney Lee, from whom I got a sweet Wild Things postcard.
I also got to have a lengthy brain-picking chat with the rather famous and quite personable man with an extra capital letter, Doug TenNapel, currently of Ratfist. I got to ask him all about the cheap Japanese brushes with which he inks so thickly, the tantalizing possibility of getting sued by Disney if he snuck a Mickey Mouse costume into Ratfist, and many other important topics, including which of his books I should get, since EggEmbry told me on my forum a while back that my style has similarities to TenNapel's work, and I should get one of his books. TenNapel promptly pointed out which ones he felt had the best art, writing, story, and so forth, which worked well because the "best art" one was the Western-themed one I'd been fingering most avidly anyway; it is called Iron West, and I promptly purchased it in cash from the proud (and did I mention personable?) papa (of the comic-producing persuasion) who penned it.
So, good show! The one slight complaint I am going to go ahead and make is that their freebie table scene--by which I mean the tables on which people can plunk down fliers, business cards, brochures, free mini-comics, and other things they might want visitors to snag for free, a fairly standard feature at cons--was nearly non-existent, consisting of just one table hiding off in a corner; the much smaller Jet City Comic Show the same people behind Emerald City ran this past summer had at least twice the freebie table space, and in a prime position right inside the entrances to the main room. So Emerald City could use a boost in that respect! Otherwise it was pretty neat.
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