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  Mirrors, actions, cookiesOct 20, 2011 9:58 AM PDT | url
Added 1 new A* page:It was pointed out to me on Google+ today that instead of correcting the oppositely mirrored slipping dress strap yesterday, I could have just said that the mirror was a non-reversing mirror, which is a clever trick that's been around for at least well over a century. I set up my own little copy here at home to try it out; all you need is two mirrors placed together at one end at about 90 degrees; not having two mobile mirrors, I just held the shiny side of a CD up against my medicine cabinet's mirror, and behold and lo, the reflection, bouncing first off one and then the other, flips around twice and comes back looking "positive" as J.J. Hooker called it when he filed his patent for it in 1887.
Here's a screenshot from Photoshop showing the "actions" (aka macros) I use to generate the web page comic images from the 1200 dpi scans I take of my daily ink wash paintings. There are some steps in between with manually dragging and toggling layers; oh and that one "Make" step has the manual option entry flag set because otherwise a bug in Photoshop 4 prevents the Auto Levels parameter from working correctly. :P Can you spot the silly error I made in the second macro? I didn't notice it at first because this current part of the story doesn't have subtitles.
I've been excited all evening because after more or less getting the subscription system up and functioning with the crusty old "basic authentication" method of identifying yourself at a pop-up login prompt, I realized that logging in and out and getting the first comic you see when visiting the site to be ad-free and at the extra large size they'll be at for subscribers just wasn't possible to do in a streamlined user experience sort of way with that security model. So I'm going to have to do it with cookies, and the front page of the site will have to be converted from a static (manually triggered script-generated) index.html page to a dynamic script; in my 15 years of making silly sites for myself, this will be the first one with a real dynamic front page, and the first one where I make real use of cookies. Yes I have gotten a lot of mileage out of older methods heretofore! But now I gotta teach myself some new tricks in order to do the subscription thing right, so this will be interesting. If the site is like entirely broken briefly when you stop by over the next week or so, it's probably because I had to update something piecemeal in anticipation of the site architecture update, and did it wrong. =p And if something *stays* broken for more than an hour or so, please let me know.
I'm sure everything will be fine. >_> Although actually the next week or so will be relatively hectic for me, what with another meeting with a local art gallery manager, a portrait commission, a party, and ehh a dental appointment--oh and a poetry reading! :D (I'm just listening, not reading :P)--in addition to trying to do regular comics plus all the back-end site work I want to do. Where's a nice friendly time warp when you need one?
Hm maybe just a jump to the left...
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