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  Pre-Peanuts Schulz; crazy drawing tablesJan 05, 2012 7:14 AM PST | url
Added 1 new A* page:Yesterday I was talking about Bill Watterson and his pre-Calvin and Hobbes work, and as it happens, today I was looking up Charles Schulz, and found a neat link to some pages from his pre-Peanuts strip, "Li'l Folks," like this one. That is some gorgeous brush work, gosh!
Speaking of syndicated cartoonists, a week or two ago, I found "The Cartoonist Studio," which has biography pages for the cartoonists of one of the syndicates, along with a fancy page background made from a big photo of their work desk, and then more photos of their work space, etc; I came across this because I was trying to figure out how to position my own drawing table, angle-wise (I had it at way too high an angle--neck and elbow pain--much better now! :), so I thought it would be helpful to see how real cartoonists have theirs positioned.
Actually they have them in all kinds of positions, although a lot of them have them at a very low angle--or even completely flat, which seems to me like a bad way to draw since either you really need to crank your back/neck over the drawing, or you'll be looking at it at an angle and probably get the drawing distorted because your perspective is skewed--but then again, people who've drawn that way for decades have probably learned to compensate for that automatically.
Anyway there were a few that were particularly interesting--Jeff Keane of "The Family Circus" for instance has a sort of really scarred up Two Face thing going on with his drawing table...maybe some issues to work out there. :o Jerry Scott of "Baby Blues" has what I think is the neatest one though, a real antique-looking wooden drawing table with like gears and cast-iron cranks; oh hm the mouseover text says he got it from Man, those probably cost an arm and a leg. Neat-looking, though!
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