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  Art show food & flowers, & fine photo-prints!Jan 10, 2012 5:04 AM PST | url
Added 1 new A* page:Okay, I got some photos from the opening of my January art show in Seattle that took place on Friday. This is at Frame Up Studios, 3515 Fremont Ave. N, Seattle, and my art will be on display (and for sale!) there through the end of January. They've got a lot of neat art around the store, but as this month's featured artist I've got the prime wall space people see as they come in. Here's my stuff:
Side-ish view (that is art by other people to either side):
The spread for Friday night's reception, with flowers (=o !) sent from a very thoughtful dreamer (thank you! :D <3) (hm *now* I notice I was so excited about them it didn't even occur to me to take them in their vase out of the box o:; I don't get flowers very often, okay? "o"):
Thanks to everyone who came! I met someone who follows my stuff on deviantART, which was super-cool! Lots of friends and family came by to make me feel popular, and I also got to chat with a lot of folks just walking in, since this show was part of the Fremont neighborhood's monthly "Art Walk"--a lot more foot traffic there than at my show last year in Ballard, even though it was raining!
Among the walk-ins were a group of student reporters working for my neighborhood's paper, the "Ballard News-Tribune," and they decided to feature my stuff in the BNT's art blog--at one point the studio manager had to give them a bit of a frowning as they moved their large camera really close to one of my original paintings. ;) But they were cool! And the Ballard News-Tribune art blog folks work fast, too, 'cause they've already got the piece covering my stuff on their blog, complete with a video, even! Which I am embedding here--my stuff is in the first ~0:38 seconds:
video on Youtube
Keen! And one of my prints even sold *during* the opening! Double-keen! And I didn't get so loopy that I started hugging strangers again, which...was probably good. :p But with all the cool people to hang with, and the flowers, and tasty cookies, well it was a darn fine evening as far as I'm concerned. Thanks again to everyone! **\o/** Ooh and a special thanks to mom and dad for supporting me, and dad for pimping out my stuff to land the show in the first place, and then doing the hard work with the matting and framing! :o
Also today was pretty rad because I got to ship off *two* prints sold from the web site over the past week. I dunno if I've ever had two to do at once, so I'm just going to assume it's a first and celebrate. :) So that was neat but what was even neater was that I found a more reliable way to get really nice prints from my local print shop. See, I've been having them print uh prints on their big industrial printers, but for some reason only one guy there can actually get nice results from them--and today he wasn't there! So some other guy was trying but they were coming out with a little streakiness here and there, which...well that's not too cool. But then I remembered that he had mentioned something when I came in about photo prints, so I thought maybe I'd try those as a backup--they have these little self-service Sony "Photo Station" or something stands where you go and stick in your memory stick and credit card and punch the touch-screen a few times and then the built-in printer spits out a nice glossy print of your selected images on photo-paper.
Only according to the guy who couldn't print my prints, they only take .jpg images, and mine were lossless .png (which you'd think you'd want to be able to use, seeing as how it doesn't get compression artifacts like jpg hrrrr), and they tend to fail on really large files, so I had to run home and re-export the images for the prints, and I was on the verge of just saying hang it I'm tired of print-place runarounds I'll just buy a printer except then the printer I was looking at wasn't in stock at the local Best Buy, and anyway there was no way to tell if any of the printers I was looking at online were really any good, especially for black and white printing. Gar. So I figured I might as well try the photo print thing and went back and my 600 dpi images were kind of big (4 MB, whereas non-printing print guy had said maybe they shouldn't be over 3 MB), but the Print Station thingy handled them, and they came out super-nice! So nice I had to take a photo:
Ooh. They're somehow smoother than the prints I've been used to, and yet very sharp, and the blacks have a greenish tint which somehow makes them even sexier, I dunno if it's just like a Matrix thing or what. As I was signing them I actually found myself thinking gosh these are nice I should get some for myself...but they're kind of expensive to have done so I guess I'll just have to settle for lusting after them as I sign and ship them off to other people.
Uh so if you were ever thinking of getting yourself a signed A* art print, now's a good time! :D The ones you see in the photo above are from here and here, in case you were wondering. Also you can see there the little cardboard and fancy French paper holders I made to protect them from the depredations of the postal service! With hand-written instructions, even. :D
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