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  Selenis = September?; Discovery's cockpitFeb 01, 2012 4:31 AM PST | url
Added 1 new A* page:I've heard this song plenty of times but I'd never seen the singer:
video on Youtube
Troops of black body-suited clones... Hm! Well apparently I've been using Swedish singer/songwriter September as Selenis all this time and never knew it! And her dad is an astrophysicist, go figure. Anyway she or her stylists have some pretty A*-ish tastes:
Image Image Image Image Image Image
We do have one more hairstyle change coming up in this episode. Oh the possibilities!
A thoughtful reader on Google+ tipped me off to this G+ post which links to (Flash required) this "360VR" view of the Space Shuttle Discovery's cockpit during decommissioning (on June 22, 2011, if that's what the caption means).
So many switches! :o I wonder if there'd be less if they redesigned it now with a multitasking OS, so you didn't, like, need a separate physical control panel and screen for everything—that's kind of how I design ship cockpits in A*, although I'll throw in a few extra buttons or screens for looks now and then. >_>
Now I could take it several steps further and have controls handled entirely by eh holographic input screens or thought control or something like that, I suppose, but I dunno, there's something about switches and buttons and joysticks that's more satisfying than those fancy intangible things.
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