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  Rapidograph and other pen doodlesFeb 18, 2012 8:39 AM PST | url
Added 1 new A* page:Okay here's the chicken scratch I made when testing out the 0.25 mm Rotring Rapidograph:
I had a couple problems with it! While the line quality is very good, if I tried moving it quickly, it would skip a bit; this paper is pretty smooth, and I tried it on some smoother Bristol, too, and it still did it there, so I guess maybe it's just that the ink doesn't flow fast enough to keep up if you try a sufficiently fast line.
And second, like the pointed dip pen nibs, if I crossed my own line three or so times, the little metal tube tip would tend to start chewing up the surface of the paper a bit.
I do like the liney effect of that face I managed sort of in the lower middle right. I could use the Rapidograph for light detail like that, but not as a drawing mainstay, since I like to make fast, criss-crossing lines.
While I was at it, I doodled with a few other pens I have laying around:
The first was a medium-tipped Pentel Rolling Writer; I have decade(s?) old boxes of these by the dozens sitting around--always liked them for doodling in my notes in school since they have those soft but not too soft "roller ball" tips, and put out a lot of ink; haven't used them all that heavily since though. Their ink isn't quite as dark as the Rapidograph, which was actually about as dark as the "Sumi" India ink I use. I'm not sure what kind of ink it is, and their line quality isn't all that great.
The other is the smaller brush-tip type of Faber-Castell PITT artist pen--pretty thick with the felt tip, and totally failed my lick-your-finger-and-smudge-it-over-the-lines waterproof test--even though it claims to be waterproof. HM. (The Rapidograph, on the other hand, was even more resistant to smearing in that test than the Sumi ink.)
I got some good reader suggestion for pens to try :D, which I'm gonna do! One is a ball point nib for dip pens, which will probably be the best option for me if they're sufficiently small. And then a few people suggested Sakura Pigma Microns, which are very fine tipped disposable markers; my local art store has buckets of the things, so I think I'll shoot down there tomorrow and play with them; they've got little pads of paper you can try the pens out on, so it's pretty much going to be my playground tomorrow afternoon, whee--I'll doodle enough Selenis clones for a full-on invasion fleet! (I generally don't like the feel of marker tips I guess, but these are really really small so maybe they'll feel different.) I don't think they have Copic Multiliners, which is a shame, but they've got some other brands I can't remember right now that I'll try out as well.
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