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  Good inking is not bad tracing :|Feb 23, 2012 9:06 AM PST | url
Added 1 new A* page:Armed with my markers I decided on a rather elaborate approach to today's page, which was eh well a learning process. Here's the stage-by-stage:
Where I ran into trouble that took a while to sort out in the end was in doing a light trace of pencil details with a small marker--this was basically one (loose) trace too many, and some of the details, particularly the mouth, were not preserved well, and lost their original emphasis.
I did the light tracing before erasing and then doing a full rendering because while these Copic Multiliner markers hold onto the paper under the pressure of erasing much better than, say, Faber Castell's "Pitt" markers--although not quite as well as the India ink I use with the brush--if you've been working the markers into the paper fairly heavily, while that won't tend to have torn into the surface in a visible way, it will have softened it to the point that going over it with an eraser can tear up little bits of it, resulting in a jagged or stippled appearance, which I wanted to avoid (I ran into that yesterday around the ringed planet in the middle distance).
What I'll have to do in the future though is make sure that, while keeping my hand light, if I make a pre-erasing trace with a marker, it's got to be an accurate and full-fledged one, not just a rough approximation; either that, or I just get used to working out major details at the marker stage, which...I don't think I'm good enough for yet. :P
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