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  Crumb-y RapidographFeb 24, 2012 9:56 AM PST | url
Added 1 new A* page:Painting space backgrounds is a whole lot easier now that I'm off the computer; all those fancy Photoshop brushes and tutorials they're giving kids these days don't hold a candle to a little jar of white ink and fingertips, I tell ya.
Speaking of little jars of white ink, know who carries one of those around New York City to assist in sketching with his Rapidograph? Famed "underground" (that term isn't really used anymore but he's grandfathered in, I figure) comic creator R. Crumb, as probably everyone else already knew because you've seen that documentary about him that came out some years back, called "Crumb." Well I've never seen it, but here for instance in the trailer you can see him--for a split second, anyway--out there with Rapidograph and white ink. And in this collection of excerpts from the movie (I think?), you can see him using a brush, Rapidograph, and dip pen--the dude can draw with anything! (And his sketching style of short, slow, evenly weighted strokes certainly fits the Rapidograph to a T--I wonder if he developed that style before or after he got one of the things...probably before, I suppose.)
video on Youtube
What's more impressive is that he's doing all that sketching (although most of his final comic work is done with brush and pen, I gather) with the American-made "Koh-I-Noor" Rapidographs, which unlike the German "Rotring"-brand one I got recently have to be cleaned every day and always clog and stuff, apparently; but he seems to enjoy complaining about it and telling stories about how he got ink all over himself cleaning it at first, like in this interview.
I used mine a bit in today's page--part of that blackish liney area on the right side of the ship--because I thought it might be handy in spots where I've got some white ink I want to blacken back over; you can't really do that with a brush because the inks will mix to a gray muddle, and yesterday when doing it with markers I kept screwing up the marker tips (temporarily--the white ink washes right off, even after it's dried) by getting white ink crusted over them. So the Rapidograph *sort* of worked there, although the ink doesn't really flow well on the uneven dried white ink surface, and in the end I had to finish the job with markers anyway.
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