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  Pencils, Pens, and the last PrincessFeb 28, 2012 5:07 AM PST | url
Added 1 new A* page:Boy, these medium-range shots are really showing up my lack of a solid method for translating small detail from the pencil into ink. This time I stuck with the brush for the transfer, but again I just let it be loose and brushy, and again this did not preserve the facial detail correctly and I had to spend extra hours getting an approximation back in there. So anyhoo for a slightly alternate face, here are the pencils:
I can *probably* do it with the brush if I just concentrate, although a pen might be easier--only the pens I have, Copic Multiliner Markers, don't hold up to the eraser all that well. But I also wasted more time--I was doing this a lot last week :P--on the internet today looking into a solution, and I did find something I hadn't expected. We shall see if it helps the process when it arrives here next week!
On a somewhat related note, The Pen Addict linked to my blog article on The Rapidograph pen and the Crown Jewels from a week or so ago. Thanks, Pen Addict! I'd actually been perusing a number of his pen reviews over the past week or so--they come up in Google quite a bit if you're looking for eh well good pens for drawing, I guess, although his angle is mostly hand writing--so it was both neat and surreal to find myself linked there. Yay, internet! (Also, I tried several different varieties of pens over the weekend, so there's another set of scribbles I gotta scan in to show you some time--the result was a bit surprising, actually--but then, I don't know much about pens. :p)
I do know one thing, though: a pen like this could potentially be the perfect thing--an inkjet pen! Man! Too bad it isn't actually a retail product I guess (the prototype also looks relatively unwieldy but I betcha they could work that out in production).
This weekend was my very last Princess and the Giant comic; I hadn't exactly been planning to end the series, but it *was* meandering a bit after having completed the first major story arc, and in retrospect I think that was probably because I simply didn't have time to do a proper job of it anymore; and I knew I was going to have to take the next week off from it because I'm going to have jury duty Monday and Tuesday of next week (argh--I have been dreading this for over a year ;P) so I'll need this coming weekend to work ahead on A* so that hopefully I can go do my patriotic duty and still get A* pages going out uninterrupted. Thinking that over made me realize that I have been in a time crunch with it for the past oh however many months, I dunno...and I could really use that weekend time to work on things I need to work on and have been putting off for A*, like writing, managing advertising, site updates like the long-promised subscription system and original art buying system, and eh things like laundry and sleep.
So something had to go and I guess it had to be the Princess. :| Well, it was a fun and educational nearly three years of weekly fantasy comics. I'm down to just A* as a regular comic series now! Gosh. Here's the final Princess page, which like most of the recent ones was really just a sketch, since that was all I could squeeze out of the weekend:
And dang if I couldn't even get those rushed eyes straight--trying to draw while exhausted and propped up on caffeine is *sometimes* not all that productive. Wait, what am I saying? 'Tis blasphemy, arr!
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