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  NASA loses ISS control codes; I get jury dutyMar 03, 2012 10:06 AM PST | url
Added 1 new A* page:Here's a relatively black and white stage in the inking of today's page. It's even got the pencils still in there:
NASA acknowledged that they lost a laptop--now considered stolen--containing control codes for the International Space Station last March. :o But NASA says the station was never in jeopardy. And "the theft was alerted to Congress on Wednesday along with 5,408 computer security 'incidents' that resulted in unauthorized access to NASA systems or installation of malicious software in the past two years."
That does seem like a lot of "incidents." One of the other bad ones was this past November, when computers from somewhere in China gained access to most of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory networks. The agency says it is "in the process of implementing" better IT security procedures, such as encrypting mobile and laptop devices, "of which just one percent are currently encrypted."
Sounds like a good idea!
I'm going to be working ahead on A* pages over the weekend, to cover me for when I'm out for jury duty on Monday and Tuesday of next week. So hopefully I'll have the pages for those days done in advance and they'll go up when they're supposed to go up and it'll be back to business as usual on Wednesday and you won't even have noticed I was lounging around the city courthouse for two days. :P
Ooh and speaking of the future--as we do often around here, I suppose--I've also been working on tweaking the macros I use to process scanned A* pages for output on your computer screen, and the upshot is that you are right now enjoying the very subtle differences in these episode 16 pages (I went back and reprocessed the previous pages in the episode). What are the differences, you ask? probably can't really tell. But the "BIG" subscription preview HD versions of the pages are now a little smoother--I was over-sharpening them :/--yet with slightly better contrast, and the text in both regular and HD pages is a bit sharper. Exciting! Maybe next weekend I'll be able to go back and reprocess all the hand-drawn pages from previous episodes, too, so we'll be all nice and consistent at least as far as those go.
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