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  I am going to steal inking tricks from BatmanMar 21, 2012 10:43 AM PDT | url
Added 1 new A* page:Ah, so that other marker I'm using for inking, aside from the big Pitt "artist pen - big brush," is the Pitt calligraphy pen ($1.88 each in bulk! I can eat these up like candy :d) that I'd been looking for over the weekend--I went back to both stores I'd missed it at, and there it was in each of them: the UW bookstore had them squirreled away in their calligraphy section, separate from the main Pitt marker display, and the other store had restocked them into one of the empty racks that had mystified me on the previous trip. So I finally got one and man it was love at first draw; their fiber nib is *really* tough, can do multiple line widths, and puts out plenty of nice dark waterproof India ink; I haven't had this much fun with a marker in, like...ever?
The second stage in this step-by-step for today's page is all the PCP (:p):
There's more I can say about it but I'll have that in the big pen battle royale I've been working on putting together, featuring some pretty wacky pens I've been messing with. Hm mmaybe I'll get that posted in two days; there's another post I've been putting off too long that I need to do first.
And I was going to do it today but it's late so just check out this cool ink spatter method with a used credit card that the inker of Batman demonstrates quite ably here:
video on Youtube
May have to try using that for stars the next time we have a space scene in A*. And check out the cute anti-smear inking glove he's wearing while inking Batman. Could it be the SmudgeGuard 2? (And I think in an earlier video he was wearing the SmudgeGuard (1).) Pretty nifty, although the main trouble I have is oil from the thumb, index finger, and middle finger of my right (non-drawing) hand leaving invisible but ink-resistant fingerprints where I hold the paper, and those are the fingers the SG2 doesn't cover; I suppose I should do something clever like what Miwa Shirow was doing in that video I posted a week or so ago where he had his hand coasting on a separate piece of paper while inking; I've been using a beat up old paper towel--sometimes--which probably needs an upgrade. :PP Then again my style--if you can call it that--isn't anywhere as neat and tidy as theirs, so... Say maybe I should get into using those invisible/visible fingerprints on purpose, I could do some cool effect with that! A fingerprint frisket! :D Like the inky fingerprints Sean Murphy uses for texture (Batman's abs, there), only in the negative!
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