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  The hazards of marker hubrisMar 23, 2012 12:33 AM PDT | url
Added 1 new A* page:Today we have a handy inking tip, learned and demonstrated the hard way! And that is: take a photo of your early pencil/ink stage(s); that way, if you really botch things up later on, like say the main character's face just goes all to heck when you try adding too much shading to it, then, once you obliterate the botched area, you at least have the photo record to give you an idea of what you were going for there. Thank goodness for digital cameras!
Sooo yeah I had a reasonably decent face outlined in marker to begin with
but I had the silly idea that with this page I'd do everything with marker--no brush at all--and so I tried filling in the hair with marker. Which did not work, and sort of carried collateral damage into the face when I tried to salvage the hairline there by adjusting the shadow, and... Doom. So I had to blot it out in white ink; then I tried doing another face over that with the marker while I could still almost see traces of the original, but that wasn't going well and then ground to a halt when I found that the white ink, which is not waterproof and reacts with whatever you try to paint over it, was choking the life out of my precious chisel-tip Pitt marker; resuscitation was only partially successful, and that marker is now relegated to rough touch-up duties (fortunately I bought a good number of spares!). Although actually, having a beat-up marker for touching up difficult areas, such as over white ink, is rather handy.
Anyhoo so in the end I had to blot that out AGAIN with white ink, and do a new head entirely from scratch with the brush, which may account for its slightly unusual appearance. Heigh-ho, spice of life, live and learn, etc etc, argh.
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