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  Offensive ink, RobojellyMar 27, 2012 10:09 AM PDT | url
Added 1 new A* page:^ My subconscious and I, apparently, have not yet agreed on how we want to ink our pages. We had these perfectly decent--by our standards--pencils to work with
and I was all for just outlining the main bits with a thin marker line, filling in some bits here and there in black, maybe a bit of brush on the hair, a gray wash over the face, a few white highlights, and boom, done.
My subconscious, apparently, had other ideas, and, somehow getting the upper hand, soon had me applying the brush all over the hair, jacket, eyes, and background, throwing thick marker lines hither and yon with wild abandon, and switching the right background area from white to black, all of which forced numerous cover-ups and repaintings, until the page you see before you eventually resulted after many hours of unexpected struggle.
And then I look back at the pencils and think why, why didn't I just do it the easy way? But I think my subconscious gets bored with the easy way, I dunno. Ugh. (EDIT: Actually, come to think of it, it probably objected to a) the gleeful expression and b) another up-shot of nostrils, which is pretty hard to make flattering even if you can draw it right--and my attempts on recent pages have by no means been so fortunate. >_<) I was so unhappy with the comparison that I finally thought okay well it's like four hours past my bedtime but whatever, I'll just do a new one from scratch in marker, just like I penciled the first one. No problem. Of course the rush job wasn't really coming out any better, I don't think
and if anything it actually made me appreciate the previous attempt a little. Soo anyway that's what we've ended up with. I hope my subconscious and I are in better agreement tomorrow! =P In the meantime, have a robojelly:
video on Youtube
The "Robojelly" mimic the movement of jellyfish, using a combination of oxygen and hydrogen gases to contract its "muscles," or "nano-platinum catalyst-coated multi-wall carbon nanotube sheets, wrapped on the surface of nickel—titanium shape memory alloy."
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