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  Frankenstein and other Big Art thoughtsApr 03, 2012 6:12 AM PDT | url
Added 1 new A* page:Over the weekend, I drew Frankenstein--and you could, too! See, one of those swanky sketch clubs, where each week someone gives a subject to draw, and then everyone has a go at it in their own particular way, has just started up, and anybody can get in on the action: it's Drawing a Blank, and it certainly seems to be off to a good start, already boasting quite a few interpretations of ol' Franky. Here's mine:
But head over to Drawing a Blank to check out the others, and heck, draw one yourself!
As you can see with that and today's page, I *am* somewhat overindulging in using this PITT "big brush" marker--not the most precise of drawing tools, but darned if its ability to put down big, hard-edged black areas quickly isn't the closest I've come to a real-world approximation of the Lasso Tool I used when I did A* digitally; I do grow wistful sometimes looking at the old lassoed pages and how sharp and expressive that tool is. The "big brush" isn't the full answer, but I do feel like I'm getting black. So that's something.
What I really should do, I suppose, is do the initial layout work with the much sharper PITT Calligraphy marker, then come in with the big brush where necessary. I'm a little worried that I'd lose some spontaneity doing that, though, as I often do when doing any kind of inking over pencils; I even started this page with some pencils, thinking I'd need to do it that way due to the more complicated, two-person layout, but after a bit of penciling I got tired of making temporary marks, up and erased them all, and just started drawing from scratch with the big brush marker--and darned if the fellow on the left, who I had been trying to pencil out, didn't come out much better when approached fresh with the big marker. So I definitely feel much better just jumping right into ink and going from there, nutty as that sounds. Here's a midway point in today's page:
I *am* still on the lookout for a drawing tool that will let me work both big and sharp like I used to do digitally; lots of hopes resting on that Pilot Parallel Pen currently rolling its way toward an Amazon Locker near me. =o Although a little searching around today didn't turn up much in the way of people doing amazing non-calligraphic artwork with it. Hm. Well I suppose I'll be a trailblazer, then. <_< Meanwhile I'll probably continue to abuse the big brush, 'cause it's fun. Thanks for your patience while I flail around with new art tools! :o
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