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  NEWS: BIGGER HEADLINES!Jan 09, 2019 8:57 PM PST | url
Added 1 new A* page:I made the site's fonts a little bigger. : P
I've just about always used Firefox's "Minimum Font Size" setting (set to 16) to make tiny fonts around the internet appear bigger and thus easier to read in my own web browseróso of course I'm used to seeing my own site that way, since I see it most often in that browser on my PC. And for some reasonóI think it was while I was flipping around the site on my tablet this morningóit only just now occurred to me that if that's the font size I actually like, I should just make that the site's actual font size, instead of having the site use a smaller font that isn't even comfortable for me to read.
Back in those early days of 2009 or so, I was just absorbing the web site design craze that kind of brought smaller fonts to a lot of sites, I guess to look more high tech and information rich or something, I dunno. They were probably doing it in that newfangled CSS stuff I was and still am determined to resist. ; ) The default HTML font size is "3" so I figured I would be one of the cool kids and make my main font for the site HTML size 2. So cool.
Well my Firefox setting in effect changes it back to 3 on the fly, just for me; that finally seemed silly so now it's 3 for everyone. : o Too big? Too small? Well it's the size I like so it'll probably stay this way I guess. And well maybe it'll help a little on mobiles but I guess probably not, they seem to be able to pick their own font sizes based on what the screen's scaling state isólike, in Chrome on my Android tablet, if I load a comic page up when viewing the site's "large" "1080p" comic size, then rotate the tablet so the screen goes from portrait to landscape, then refresh the page, the font size changesóbut only for the blog post, which the mobile browser seems to consider size-amorphous. ; ) Not gonna bother trying to riddle that one out, obviously they just do what they want with your site so what's the point. : P Google told me once my site wasn't "mobile friendly," one reason being small font size. Well thanks, Google. Anyway maybe now it'll be a teensy weensy bit bigger sometimes.
(Google still won't like it but they'll manage.)
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