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This is the *old* commissions page. Currently I don't have a commissions page. If you want me to do something for you, just ask me. : ) It will probably still go something like the below.

You can commission me to make custom artwork for you.
The fine print:
  • My rate is $25/hour, and if it's looking like your project will be more than two hours of work, and you are not someone I've done a lot of work for in the past, then will I require the first hour's pay in advance—possibly more for very long, 10+ hour projects.
    I will give you an up-front estimate of what I think the total hours required to complete the project will be, but that is only an estimate and can end up varying, especially for any requested revisions; I will contact you if it becomes clear to me that the project is heading over budget.
  • The shipping fee for the final, physical product will be added to the hourly total. I require payment in full—hours + shipping fee—before I ship the final item to you.

As a frame of reference, the 16" x 6.75" watercolor pages I make for the A* comic take about 4 hours to make, and cost roughly $7.85 to ship within the United States, and $23.50 to ship internationally (except just $16.00 to Canada!), weighing 12.5 ounces and shipped in an 18" x 12" x 2" box. Shipping fees will vary by weight and dimensions; the shipping calculator at will give you an idea, plus a couple bucks for my shipping & handling expenses.
  • I can work in blue and red watercolor, like the current A* comic pages, as well as in pencil, black ink, or some mix these media. I can work on pieces up to 17.75" x 11.75" comfortably; bigger than that, and I can't fit it on my smallish drawing table easily, which could keep the piece from coming out as well as it should—also, I would have to ship the piece in a larger box, which could increase the shipping fee significantly.
  • For any project beyond a simple sketch, I typically email a rough layout sketch for your approval before beginning on the piece itself, and, depending on the complexity of the project, may also check in for your feedback at the pencil stage, and for any final revisions you may want to request at the end.
  • Turnaround time on a commission will vary; I may only be able to fit in an hour or two of commission work per week. I will keep you up to date if delays appear in my schedule. Thank you very much for your patience. : )

If you are interested in having me do some artwork for you, go ahead and email me at